Unified Communications

Productivity and Unified Communications

In a  recent piece, it was noted that, “The productivity of a “knowledge worker” hinges on communication and the ability to locate information quickly.” This makes sense: the quicker employees have things at their finger tips, the quicker they can perform and deliver results.

In the research survey they came across some interesting statistics that relate employee and overall business productivity and business revenue to unified communications. With unified communications bringing employees and client’s communication closer and closer and easier and easier with each solutions feature it is proven to drive up productivity in the average employee as well as increase revenue.

The highest rated time wasters:

  •  36% of time is wasted in a day at work by trying to contact people find information and schedule meetings.
  • 14% of the time is spent duplicating the same actions and receiving unwanted communication such as cold callers or spam.

Tracking Employee Time Wasters Down To the Minute:

The average employee spends 74 Minutes a day trying to contact co workers and colleagues.

  • 67 Minutes a day is spent trying to find key information and digging for what they need.
  • 39 Minutes a day is spent on duplicating the same communications.
  • 33 Minutes a day is wasted on ATTEMPTING to schedule meetings without success.
  • 29 Minutes a day is unwanted communications peaking in and bugging the employee’s time and attention span.


The Savings and Proven statistics from Implementing Unified Communication Platforms in these businesses:


  • 75% of the time wasted by the average employee can be saved with unified communications solutions.
  • 50% of the time wasted on employees trying to contact customers and colleagues can be saved.
  • 25% of the time wasted by employees trying to get information can be saved.
  • 75% of the time wasted on duplicating the same actions can be saved.
  • 25% of unwanted communications can be saved.


When Time Is Saved Money Is Saved

There is no read in between the lines with the above statement. Big money is actually saved when time is and it means big revenue change.

If unified communications is applied to 50 workers in a company with the salary around $40,000.00 the expected savings can be $942,000.00 annually.

All of these statistics make it easy to sell Unified Communications to businesses. Why wouldn’t businesses want to save huge capital and increase productivity?
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