Unified Communications

Dynamic Communications: The Unique Communication Needs of a Dynamic Workforce

The success of any business depends on communicating effectively. At Prime Telecommunications, we want to use technology to keep your workforce as dynamic and relevant as possible. Let’s examine a few needs of today’s active market and discuss how S-Net can help you meet them.

In the past, communicating with other employees meant picking up your desk phone and making an in-house call. Today, more employees than ever travel or work from home. They need a communications system that will keep them in touch with their workplaces even when they aren’t physically in the building.Prime Telecommunication’s cloud-based phone systems provide for this need. Cloud-based phone systems work with the internet, so any place you have an internet connection, you can access your company’s phones. Our systems utilize the latest features, including click- dialing, email to voicemail, and unified messaging.

Today’s businesses must complete work quickly and efficiently, and nothing slows that down faster than computer or phone problems. A workplace with too many technological problems often suffers from lost or damaged work, overworked IT personnel, and frustrated employees. Our Prime Telecommunications cloud phone systems can reduce or eliminate these issues. At Prime Telecommunications, our products are thoroughly tested and protected against natural wear and tear, power surges, and extreme weather. We also outfit our systems with firewalls and other measures to protect against viruses and hackers. This ensures employees, especially IT personnel, can focus more on current projects and less on technological breakdowns.

Employees won’t want to communicate if they feel the communication system is too complicated or expensive. Thus, Prime Telecommunications provides one of the most cost-effective cloud-based systems available. With Prime Telecommunications, each employee is responsible for his or her own training. This fosters independence and interdependence – employees can teach each other how to manage the new system and build individual mastery at the same time. Additionally, employees are responsible for their own devices. This saves money in IT and other departments.

A big part of today’s communication needs comes from networking. Employees who don’t network regularly miss opportunities to learn from each other and improve their skills. Yet employees can’t network effectively if they’re on the phone all day, stuck at one desk. Using an Prime Telecommunications cloud-based system eliminates this issue. Cloud-based systems help employees prioritize their communications – what can be said over the internet vs. what must be discussed in person.

In-person interactions get moved to the top of everyone’s priority list, making it easier to create authentic networking experiences.

Protection Against Obsolescence
One of the most difficult parts of working with technology is that a product seems to be obsolete the moment it hits the shelves. The staff at S-Net works to ensure your phone system won’t become outdated. Our phone systems work with almost any device or computer, including the newest models.

If you would like to know more about Prime Telecommunications cloud systems or how we can improve communication in your workplace, contact us today. We provide a plethora of phone and computer services, and our staff is trained to answer all technological questions.