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Why Staying with your Old Phone Provider is Killing Your Business

Take a look at your smartphone. There’s a good chance that, somewhere in the icons, you’ll see a throwback to old technologies, such as an image of a traditional telephone handset or the layout of numbers and pound signs that we’re all intimately familiar with by now.

This sort of aging iconography might make you feel as though phone technology is progressing slowly, but nothing could be further from the truth. While it’s true that traditional phone solutions and obsolete business models are effectively holding back progress, there’s another way.

How are you being held back? Let’s take a look at the ways, and at the best solution available right now: cloud based VoIP systems for your business.

Traditional Phone Isnt Scalable

Traditional office telephone systems have long been an all-or-nothing proposition. Smaller businesses ended up subscribing to the same services, at the same prices, as larger businesses. This is hardly cost-effective, particularly for growing companies that need to keep their overhead as low as possible.

In contrast, VoIP technology is scalable, meaning you only buy what you need, and pay a low subscription cost that’s proportional to the size of your workforce.

Traditional Phone Isnt Mobile

For better or worse, existing phone technology has created very clear delineations between our work lives and our social lives. In other words, business hours ended as soon as you stepped away from your desk. This might be appealing for those who want to very deliberately carve out their personal time from otherwise busy schedules, but it might also result in lost calls and, worse still, lost opportunities.

Whether you end up trusting Broadview for your office communication needs or end up with another VoIP provider, you’ll enjoy mobile productivity as never before. Thanks to compatibility with the leading mobile operating systems, you can take your VoIP network with you wherever you go.

Traditional Phone Isnt Efficient

At first glance, it might not seem as though changing phone providers could have a significant day-to-day impact on your company’s efficiency. The truth is, you may not even realize how much time you’ve already wasted investing in, and overseeing, your antiquated phone system.

Smaller companies don’t have the capital to invest in a dedicated IT department, which makes it essential that your communication technology doesn’t have a steep learning curve; wasting time learning and troubleshooting your phone system is going to kill your productivity. VoIP, in contrast, is very easy to set up and maintain, even without an in-house IT department.

Traditional Phone Is Unreliable

You may not spend a significant amount of your day planning for the next time a telephone pole breaks in half, or a flood sweeps through your area, but the icing on the VoIP cake is the fact that you don’t need to worry about natural disasters interfering with, or even destroying, your communications infrastructure.

If the worst should come to pass, remember that your phone settings are always saved securely in the cloud, meaning that you’ll be able to continue right where you left off, at any site with an Internet connection.

In closing, remember that business is already full of challenges; why not eliminate as many as you can?