Unified Communications

3 Way Unified Communications Helps Your Business



Enterprise businesses have been known to have complex needs when it comes to their business communications.  But, thanks to the cloud and specifically unified communications as a service (UCaaS), enterprise businesses are able to take advantage of more efficient and cost-effective methods to integrate their communications and respective applications.

Here are a few 3 ways UCaaS solutions are proving they are equipped to handle the varying challenges of enterprise businesses.

Unifying Locations and Employees 

Enterprise organizations often struggled to unify their communications infrastructure in an affordable way.  With multiple locations and remote and traveling employees, keeping everyone connected was complicated. That is, before UCaaS entered the marketplace. As the workforce continues to be more mobile and distributed, the growing need for mobility and flexibility has driven the UCaaS market into even greater demand, especially for large businesses. UCaaS enables voice, fax, video conferencing, presence, chat, file and desktop sharing, and mobility both in and outside of the workplace. The workforce today thrives on this type of multi-channel communications and collaboration and UCaaS is the catalyst.  With every employee, service and feature unified onto the same system and accessible from any device, productivity and internal communications are drastically enhanced. With the most advanced UCaaS solutions where the user profiles lives in the cloud and are not tied to a specific device, employees are even able to move seamlessly between locations, enabling phones and workspaces to be shared interchangeably which drastically reduces equipment and IT support costs.

The Enhancement of Existing Technology Investments

Enterprise businesses are relying more on cloud services and third-party networks for their mission-critical applications. Almost every enterprise utilizes some form of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. A huge advantage of UCaaS solutions is their ability to integrate seamlessly with leading CRM solutions that many of these businesses rely on.  This is a win-win for many reasons. Enterprise businesses not only improve their overall communications, but they enhance the functionality of their existing applications as well. Talk about ROI! Improving employee workflows and productivity, while at the same time providing a greater return on both technology investments. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Beyond CRM application investments, many enterprise businesses have legacy conference and meeting room systems in place. With locations all over the world and many enterprises involved in some type of acquisition and merger, having multiple disparate meeting room systems in place is a common result. The product of this costly and complicated challenge for many is having existing meeting room systems sitting idle collecting dust.  Fortunately, there is a cost-effective and simple resolution.  Advanced HD video, audio and web conferencing solutions that offer features like Room Connector can enable existing meeting room systems like Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg and Lifesize to communicate with one another, as well as with other commonly used devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets, all in the same virtual meeting.  Through the purchase of a few licenses,  meeting participants can share documents, collaborate, and chat with other offices and remote workers easily and efficiently utilizing existing technology investments. Coupling this with the advanced features of an entire UCaaS solution, the cost-effectiveness and boost in productivity and efficiency is off the charts.

Improving Productivity, Scalability and Business Continuity 

With UCaaS solutions, enterprise businesses can achieve a more cost-effective and productive way to communicate and collaborate.  By unifying all of the communications services, business applications and employees onto the same system, everything employees need and use is centralized in one place. The features of UCaaS systems are typically managed online through secure web portals, which enable access to features and the ability to make changes from any device, anywhere. This is especially beneficial for ensuring business continuity. Changes like routing calls, updating greetings, checking voicemails and conferencing can be enabled directly through the industry’s best online portals, ensuring that employees and customers can communicate regardless of the circumstances.  Scaling cost-effectively is another common concern for large organizations. Advanced UCaaS solutions have the ability to enable users, services and equipment to be added or removed at any time, giving enterprise businesses the ability to pay for only the services they need and the flexibility to scale to meet growing business demands.

UCaaS unifies the communications experience, connecting and integrating employees, locations, services and business applications. It’s no wonder that IDC predicts the global UCaaS market will top $35 billion by 2019. Enterprise businesses benefit greatly from this refined method of communications and collaboration and will be a large portion of this anticipated growth.