Business Continuity- Data Back Up

Your business is at risk everyday. Whether it is an act of God – or an act of an employee, whether it is a malware threat like a ransomware virus that enters your network through any number of threat vectors or a failure of hardware somewhere.

The best way to ensure business continuity is by having a constant back up of all of your data whether that back up is on premise, in the cloud or both!

Here are your four steps to business continuity:

  1. Know the risks- watch the following videos
  2. Contact us to help you assess what your data requirements are
  3. Let us set up your secure data back up
  4. Rest easy – knowing we have your business covered

You may be thinking…” I have O365, Microsoft 365 or G Suite. My back up is covered! Right?”. Yes it is – but no, it is not. It is not covered by employee error. If someone deletes something by mistake, or if their profile is deleted- you are not covered. Watch the following video!

Here is another problem. What happens to your data if it is held for ransom? Watch Kevin Mitnick explain!

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