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Experience limitless video conferencing and collaboration

Avoid traveling and save time and money

  • Visimeetings can be scheduled or happen in an instant
  • There is no limit to the number of meeting participants so no one is excluded
  • Stay connected using the self-managed contact list

Share any data from anywhere

  • Visimeet scales from a laptop to a telepresence suite using the same software, so if you’re not in the office, Visimeet can still be with you
  • Share multiple forms of data simultaneously
  • Meet with anyone around the world

Save money without losing quality

  • Try a 30 day free subscription

  • Experience the best video conferencing software available




IOCOM’s  is a single integrated software platform for cloud-based or enterprise network visual communications and collaboration…

That provides communications ranging in scale from:

  • An IM/text session
  • A phone call
  • An audio conference call
  • A web conference with document sharing
  • 1:1 video calling
  • Multi-party group calling for scheduled or ad hoc team collaboration

… from virtually any device:

  • VisiMeet:
  • Desktops/PCs – Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Traditional video conferencing rooms
  • Telepresence
  • Specialty end-points (robots, etc.)
  • VisiMobile iOS, Android devices
  • VisiWeb – WebRTC


  • Pure software-based solution
  • Public cloud, Private cloud, on-premise, or hybrid
  • Any device, anywhere
  • Highly flexible design – HTML GUI
  • Simple and easy to use interfaces
  • Powerful backend that has been designed to scale
  • Offers all Collaboration services from one package
  • Easy to use management tools for deployment
  • Flexible third party integration offerings
  • Offers the opportunity to develop new untapped markets for next generation visual collaboration designs
  • Proven track record in these vertical markets:
    • Healthcare/biotech
    • Education
    • Legal
    • Financial Services
    • Knowledge workers sharing information, ideas, projects, programs, etc.
    • Dispersed locations – variety of networks, devices, forums, etc.
    • Project teams – short term and also recurring/longer term
    • Ad hoc and/or scheduled meetings
    • Add synchronous visual communications to complement static communication methods (email, text, sharing, blogging, teleconference, etc.)
    • Specialty use cases (e.g. health care, trading desks, energy and oil exploration, education, public safety, and others)
    • Frequently around shared content and documentation
    • Not exclusive but just some examples

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