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Get the latest tips, techniques and analysis dedicated to helping computer users, IT professionals and researchers manage the challenging threats of the digital world.

A former Washington Post reporter, Brian Krebs authors this in-depth blog covering security news and investigation.

In addition to covering recent cyber security news, this blog provides best practices for mitigating risk and staying ahead of threats.

Published by Sophos, this security threat blog features multiple stories a day and covers every angle of computer security.

This blog covers breaking news in the world of hacking and all flavors of hacking intelligence.

This blog offers expert tips on privacy and security, while helping you make sense of when major hacks or leaks hit the headlines.

This security blog is run by the National Cyber Security Alliance, who is dedicated to educating and advocating for safe and secure internet use. The posts on this blog are not weighed down with technical jargon and offer best practices for professionals, businesses and end users.

Publications to Catch the Latest News:

News and research designed for managed security services providers (MSSPs), MSPs and cybersecurity professionals who safeguard customer data and networks.

This publication provides news, analysis and research on a broad range of security and risk

management topics.

This publication offers a daily news digest of breaking news in the IT security industry,

featuring a “scam of the week” section where they highlight recent hacks.

Offering insight across a variety of topics, this publication is where security professionals can learn about new cyber threats, vulnerabilities and technology trends.

This independent news publication regularly breaks the latest in information security news.

A security news, insight and analysis publication that provides expert analysis on global security threats and headlines.

Educational Resources:

Featuring cyber security best practices, analysis of cyber threats and more, this is a great resource to share with clients and prospects, as well as educate yourself on small business cyber security needs.

This website is dedicated to keeping professionals up-to-date with federal policies affecting digital security. It’s a great resource for better understanding the relationship between public policy and cyber security.