Hosted Applications

Prime Telecommunications is proud to represent Netrix LLC as a strategic partner on Cloud Applications.

CloudHelm™ is a multi-cloud management platform (MCMP) that also provides a suite of high performing and highly available cloud-based solutions. Built to simplify cloud management and increase business efficiency, CloudHelm can take all of your organization’s IT services to the cloud using one simple UI.

Cloud Helm

Multi-Cloud Management

  • Create a cloud portfolio strategy that  is most effective for you by combining public clouds, private clouds, and virtualized  environments.

Consumption Metrics

  • Easily retrieve cloud consumption and billing for efficient and centralized chargeback strategies.

Business Continuity

  • Retain uptime with high availability, disaster recovery, and migration services.

Simple Migration

  • Feel secure performing application development in a hybrid or multi- cloud environment with the ability to migrate from one cloud environment to another.

Host all the apps your users rely on every day in our secure cloud

  • Stop patching and upgrading software by hosting all your applications in The Cloud. Eliminate the daily hassles of servers and applications management and refocus your IT team on helping grow your business.

Netrix LLC

All of your applications—from Microsoft® Office and productivity apps, to business apps and your company’s self-developed apps—can be hosted in our secure cloud.

Prime provides hosting and Concierge Migration Services from Netrix for:

Microsoft® Office Applications*
Microsoft® Productivity Applications
Business ApplicationsWe can host virtually all business apps, including:

Self-Developed ApplicationsIf your company has developed its own applications, we can host them as well.


If your business runs on Microsoft Windows, Prime  can help you easily transition to the cloud. Netrix LLC is a nationally recognized Microsoft Partner. The private secure cloud data center is owned and operated exclusively by Netrix.  You retain complete control of the server and data while we keep the infrastructure running smoothly in the background.

 Fully Managed Servers

• 100% network uptime SLA
• 24x7x365 onshore phone and email support
• Network and server monitoring
• Operating system installation, testing, patchesand updates
• Break-fix hardware services and replacement guarantee
• Microsoft IIS patches and updates
• Network-wide enterprise firewall and intrusion protection management
• Anti-virus protection
• Government-grade data destruction
• Redundant storage
• Full administrative access
• High Availability with Live Migration

Why Hosted Microsoft® Exchange?

Keep your email secure and available without the administrative hassles and costs.

With our Hosted Microsoft Exchange you get:
• Enterprise-grade hosted email
• Real-time sync of email, contacts and calendar (requires HME Complete)
• Full 24/7/365 customer support
• No up front server or software costs
• No ongoing maintenance costs
• Frees IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives
• Flexibility to scale server storage up or down
• Automatic upgrades without software purchases or licensing
• Onsite email configuration available
• Email Archiving that meets compliance regulations (optional)
• Manage all accounts through one easy-to-use portal
• Free copy of Microsoft Outlook for HME Complete users



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