Hosted Voice Solutions

Prime Telecommunications is proud to represent three distinct and unique hosted voice solutions. Each solution has its own set of applications and preferences for each type of end user. Of course, each is priced differently, each has different  up front costs and different characteristics. The decision about which voice provider to go with is specific to your business. We assist you in making your decision from beginning to end. We make sure that your network and bandwidth can accommodate voice traffic, that your infrastructure is ready and that you select the right solution that meets your needs.

We are here throughout the process- from beginning to end. Our relationship continues – especially after the implementation.

Every company we work with- and we have worked with thousands of companies and organizations over the past 23 years- is special. There is no “one size fits all” solution. We have evaluated our hosted voice providers and worked extensively with each of them. We have visited their data centers and worked extensively with their top management- before we recommend them to our clients.

SNET Communications

Making the wrong decision can cost your business money by downtime.

We are the experts – and we are here to help before, during and after.

Want to read the horror stories from people that don’t go through the right vetting process? Here  and here.

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