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Illuminate your Network Blind SpotsNetwork Visibility

If you can’t identify the source of a problem, it’s impossible to solve it. Poor network visibility is not only a big risk to your organization’s security, it also threatens employee productivity, and makes it difficult to manage everyday nuisances like downtime and bottlenecks.

Prime Telecommunications has partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to provide businesses with complete visibility across their entire network. World class visualization services include:

  • Logging and reporting of all network activity. A suite of big data visibility and reporting tools that instantly identify and distill key network security threats, issues and trends, accelerating the ability to set meaningful security policies across the network.
  • Complete network scans. Mapping every device connected to the network is as simple as running a quick scan directly from WatchGuard’s Web UI.
  • Control over mobile connections. Track all mobile connections through Wi-Fi and VPN to ensure only approved devices can access corporate data.
  • Threat detection. Put a spotlight on infected devices before botnet masters have a chance to deploy your network resources as players in their criminal plots.

what is visibility

Having visibility into your network is the first step to defending it. Prime Telecommunications
provides businesses with the network security solutions they need to illuminate their networks.

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WatchGuard  Dimension™



From the board room to the branch office, the pace and complexity of decision-making about network security has been increasing. How can you ensure that your decisions are timely, effective, and better informed? You need Visibility.

DATA ANALYSIS IS THE KEY                

Businesses are drowning in oceans of data, including network security data, making it nearly impossible to identify important security issues and make better policy decisions. The impact on regulatory compliance status can be devastating.

WatchGuard Dimension resolves these challenges by instantly turning raw network data into actionable security intelligence – in the big data visualization style today’s users have come to expect.


Data in itself is not valuable at all. The value is in the analyses done on that data and how the data is turned into information…”

Mark van Rijmenam, Big-Data Strategist


WatchGuard Dimension™ is a cloud-ready network security visibility solution that comes standard with WatchGuard’s flagship Unified Threat Management and Next Generation Firewall platform. It provides a suite of big data visibility and reporting tools that instantly identify and distill key security issues and trends, and deliver valuable insights to set meaningful security policies across the network.

The solution can be up and running in a few minutes and is easy to use and understand. You can quickly see any unusual network activity related to malware and threats, Internet usage, and bandwidth consumption at any time from anywhere using a web browser.




Number of threats rising

PROBLEM: Security

Cyber attacks are taking longer to detect every year. To make matters worse, a breach in security is most commonly reported by an outside party rather than an internal process. Without the ability to quickly identify a breach, organizations will continue to suffer losses at the hands of cyber criminals.

SOLUTION: Organizations need to decrease the time to detection by strengthening their ability to quickly identify and response to security events. The first step in spotting security events is through the basic step of collecting and reviewing log data from a cloud-based platform. A standard set of relevant reports should be identified and automatically distributed to all interested parties, including individuals that may fall outside of traditional IT roles. Security dashboards that bring threats to the surface are also essential in spotting threats and trends.


PROBLEM:   Employee Productivity

Some employees spend too much time and resources downloading media, surfing the web, and ignoring their daily tasks. The cyber loafing will only continue without proper visibility into user activity. With the introduction of technologies that monitor application usage, you can use throttling and traffic shaping to ensure business-critical applications have the proper amount of bandwidth while keeping employees focused on what is important.

SOLUTION:  Network visibility tools, such as web category access monitoring, application usage monitoring, and automated reporting for all activity, must be implemented as a means of curbing this time and bandwidth-wasting behavior. Once acceptable usage policies have been identified, quotas based on time of day, amount of time, and amount of bandwidth should be enforced using advanced firewall functionality.


PROBLEM:  Network Efficiency

You may experience slow connection speeds around the same time every day. These bottlenecks typically occur when demands for resources are at their daily peak. This can cause users to become frustrated, while operations slow to a crawl. Without complete visibility into the physical layout of your network, you can’t identify the source of the bottleneck, and the problems will only persist

SOLUTION: When it comes to eliminating bottlenecks and network downtime, IT pros can’t plan on installing systems and then hoping for the best. Regular monitoring is needed to ensure the load placed on their equipment doesn’t outweigh capacity. This is especially important for security and wireless systems. Regularly monitoring CPU, memory, and interface usage on the firewall will increase uptime. Monitoring the distribution of wireless traffic across access points will assist in maintaining an optimal deployment.

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