SD WAN Services combine Bandwidth

The Cloud breaks MPLS

Business technology is changing at an accelerated rate, and CIOs are under increasing pressure to deliver higher network cost-to-performance ratios. As user expectations, cloud applications and security threats continue to evolve, the challenge is like hitting a moving target.

Legacy MPLS networks simply weren’t designed for cloud computing, which is driving increase cost and complexity. It’s clearly time to consider a fresh approach, and SD-WAN offers compelling ROI plus the network agility to support your digital business transformation initiatives.

How much money are you willing to lose when your Internet and Phones go down?

Network failure is not an option for businesses today.

Failing over is the only option. And automatic network failover and load balancing is even better. Critical application uptime of 100% is the standard your organization should strive to achieve. It’s what you get with our Internet appliances.

We provide automatic failover between WAN connections, including ISP links, with load balancing and traffic shaping, to eliminate network congestion and deliver 100% availability of your critical applications. Whether they’re on the Internet, in the cloud or at one of your remote locations, you’ll have continuous access to your resources.

What’s the price of an outage?

Outages happen. Recent surveys conducted by CA Technologies suggests that an average of 14 hoursof IT downtime is experienced by businesses, with half of those businesses reporting negative effects on their reputation. Of the smaller enterprises surveyed, more than $55,000 in revenue was reportedly lost, on average, for the same reasons.


What if you could supply your company with:

100% guaranteed uptime for your internet and phone service

  • Bonded Data to increase speeds up to 1 Gig
  • Redundancy Failover for any unpredicted outage/problem
  • Quality of Service provided through business grade Internet
  • Traffic Optimized for importance (Voice, Data, Business Applications)
  • Up to 50% Savings on Telecom Cost for Data/Bandwidth
  • Fast installation with a secure & reliable solution
  • Next Generation firewall is built in!

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SD-WAN simplifies your network operations, lowers your ongoing operational costs, and improves critical cloud-based business application performance including VoIP, video and call center.

SD-WAN Self-Evaluation Guide

The following questions reveal the common decision drivers that indicate when an SMB or Enterprise is ready to begin their Journey to an SD-WAN.

Do you have MPLS and need more agility while reducing the cost per megabit for WAN access?

 SD-WAN builds 10x Faster networks for up to 70% less than MPLS

Do you need faster branch access for WAN, Internet and Public Cloud applications?

SD-WAN delivers aggregated speeds for WAN, Cloud & Internet applications, plus acceleration

Do you need a WAN solution to securely connect multi-sites with support for remote/mobile users?

SD-WAN offers scalable branch office solutions plus remote SD-WAN access for mobile workforce

Do you currently have a Managed VPN and want to increase agility, scalability or performance?

SD-WAN is the evolution of VPN, w/ cloud managed agility, visibility & patented optimization

Do you spend IT resources to manage your own VPN?

 SD-WAN eliminates VPN complexity, freeing up IT resources so you can focus on your business

Are there long distances between your WAN sites?

SD-WAN has nationwide reach with patented features that improve long haul performance

Does you want to deploy branch sites faster?

SD-WAN uses zero touch provisioning to accelerate site turn ups from days to minutes

Do you feel trapped by current MPLS contracts or WAN appliance investments that you are outgrowing?

SD-WAN works with existing MPLS connections & WAN appliances to maximize ROI of your legacy WAN

Do you require High Availability & QoS for critical applications like VoIP?

SD-WAN provides patented Inbound QoS for applications like VoIP, and seamless failover with no dropped calls

Looking to reduce branch complexity and on-site IT costs?

Cloud managed SD WAN CPEs include Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to reduce branch complexity & on‑site IT costs

Do you want to improve branch reporting and application management?

SD-WAN provides consistent cloud monitoring and reporting with Netflow analytics across all branch sites

Are you reluctant to take on the challenge of hosting your own dedicated SD-WAN cloud controller infrastructure?

Our SD WAN Cloud includes the SDN Controllers and WAN transport network as part of your SD-WAN-as-a-service solution

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