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VoIP For Financial Services
VoIP For Financial Services

Financial Services

In a highly regulated industry, you face unique pressures around accountability, cost control, and servicing an increasingly remote workforce. Put all your business communications in our cloud and get back to doing what you do best. Find out why financial services companies like banks and investment firms choose our hosted IP phone service that includes everything, even smartphone apps and email to fax.

Meet all accountability & regulatory requirements

Get built-in detailed call tracking with OfficeSuite® – the hosted VoIP solution that meets the strict requirements of the financial services industry.

A unified communication system within your reach & your budget

Your financial services firm can upgrade to an enterprise-level system that includes all your phone, fax, Internet and data services without capital expense, maintenance contracts, or hidden charges.

Predictable expenses for better planning

Get predictable expenses and best-in-class billing tools that help you better plan for the future. Watch this video to see how we help you lower your costs.

One system for your phone, fax and data needs

Unlike other hosted VoIP solutions, with OfficeSuite® your phone, fax and data services can be consolidated.

Instant employee mobility

When you wish, calls can ring in the office and on a cell phone simultaneously. You can even send and receive faxes on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. See how it works – watch the video now!

Any desk is your desk

Employees can move from desk to desk, or from office to office, and use any office phone like it is their own – same extension, same speed dials, same voicemail. You have to see it to believe it, so check out the video.

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