Large Business Phone Solutions

As a large business, you need a cost-effective IP phone solution that unifies all your communications in the cloud, enabling centralized administration for all your locations, protecting your company and keeping it running in the event of a disaster

Our hosted voice solution goes beyond typical Internet phone systems, and makes managing commercial phone systems easy. See why our trusted enterprise VoIP solutions meet the needs of larger businesses with multiple sites.

Our hosted voice solution outdoes the competition by including everything and delivering best-in-class features and service for large businesses:


A Complete Unified Communication Solution

Get everything your company needs to communicate from ONE vendor—a phone system, UNLIMITED calling plan*, online fax service, admin website, and high quality Mitel® phones—all for no upfront cost and no maintenance contracts.


Gain Insight Into Your Costs

We give you ONE bill that clearly details site level activity and provides useful charts and data for increased visibility.


A Phone System Secured In The Cloud

Your Internet phone system resides in our secure network, not on your premises, so you can keep your lines of communication open and your business running – even during a crisis. Unlike Internet phone systems, OfficeSuite®  stays up at all times.


Trusted Enterprise VoIP – Instant Scalability

With the OfficeSuite® phone systems, it’s easy to scale up or down by adding or removing users and features at a moment’s notice. Maintain enterprise-level commercial communications by utilizing Broadview OfficeSuite®.


Easy Administration Across All Locations

Centralized administration makes it fast and easy to roll out changes to all your sites.


One Size Does NOT Fit All Your Sites

We develop custom-tailored solutions for each of your locations by determining how best to harness our phone systems to your maximum benefit.


Increase Flexibility And Mobility

Employees can move from desk to desk, or from office to office, and use any office phone like it is their own – same extension, same speed dials, same voicemail. Unlike traditional Internet phone systems, you can use OfficeSuite everywhere thanks to iPhone®/iPad® and Android™ apps and online fax service.


All-Inclusive Solution with Online Fax

Online fax is included with OfficeSuite*. Send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere, any device.

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