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Professional Services

Professionals live and die by their ability to stay in touch and manage costs. They need a business phone system that’s as flexible, scalable and mobile as they are.

Since OfficeSuite® includes everything you need (phone, online fax*, Internet, and data services), you can simplify and save even more.

Gain insight into your expenses

Unlike other VoIP telephone systems, OfficeSuite® comes with built-in tools to help professional services staff track and account for every billable event.

Improve customer service by customizing incoming call routing

With OfficeSuite® call center services (Automatic Call Distribution or ACD), you get a complete set of tools that don’t require any new investment of capital or new resources.

A unified communications system within your reach

Your professional services firm can upgrade to an enterprise-level VoIP telephone and online fax system with NO capital investment, expensive maintenance contracts, or hidden charges.

Predictable expenses for better planning

Get predictable expenses and best-in-class billing tools that help you better plan for the future. Learn how we help you lower costs bywatching the video.

One system for your phone, fax and data needs

With OfficeSuite, phone, fax and data services can be consolidated for your professional services company.

Instant employee mobility

When you wish, calls can ring in the office and on a cell phone simultaneously. You can even send and receive faxes right from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Any desk is your desk

Employees can move from desk to desk, or from office to office, and use any office phone like it is their own – same extension, same speed dials, same voicemail.