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The Best-Kept Secrets about VoIP

A lot of business owners – especially those who manage businesses that have been around for quite some time – are creatures of habit. They figure that their current operations have garnered them the success they’ve had thus far, and so, why fix what isn’t broken? But like an old oven that takes 30 minutes to pre-heat, sometimes you don’t realize that your office technology is “broken” until you go to replace it.

The reason why non-VoIP users don’t see what’s so great about VoIP is for exactly that reason: they haven’t used it. There are a lot of things you can’t know about VoIP, or any type of new technology, for that matter, until you try it.

It’s easy to use. Not all new technology has to be intimidatingly advanced. So many users love VoIP because it’s more user-friendly than they could have ever imagined. Because everything is set up, operated, and managed in one online portal, making changes and trying new things on your new business phone system is incredibly intuitive. Adding a contact list, checking your voicemail, creating new lines, and sending faxes will become second-nature to you in no time.

It cuts out the hassle. When you open up a new office and are buying all your supplies, you can cross phones and physical phone lines off your list. VoIP is designed to remove the hassle from adding or removing lines, so when you do decide to expand your business, you can have virtual phone lines and you can even rent the phones to avoid capital expense. Then, you can continue to manage the phones at the new office just as you always have been – simply with a few more numbers under your belt.

It’s incredibly secure. A lot of people worry about their phone calls being hosted over the internet, and about the possible security breaches in particular. In truth, VoIP is even safer than a landline phone – otherwise, hackers could be accessing all the data that pertains to your business, not just your phone lines. Your VoIP provider takes multitudes of measures to protect their servers, there’s no need to worry about losing confidential information.

It can do what your old phone can’t. Can your phone currently integrate with your business apps, e-mails, calendars, et cetera? VoIP has the ability to sync with anything in the cloud so you can easily schedule calls, access your voicemails, send faxes, and more. You can even sync it with a smartphone app which can be accessed from anywhere. It’s essentially like a virtual office that you can take with you.