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The 5 Tech Upgrades on your Office’s Wishlist

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably crossing off the items on your holiday shopping list, ensuring that your friends and family are getting all that they hope for. But what about your office? It’s the season of giving, and it’s likely that there are a few things around the workplace you manage that could stand to be upgraded. Do you know what’s on your office’s tech wishlist this season? If not, here are a few ideas.

The Latest Customer Relationship Management System
All year long, your employees work hard to gain customers and keep them happy. The least you could do is make their job easy. A good customer relationship management system, such as Salesforce, will streamline jobs around your office by making it easier to organize and manage client information, identify outreach and sales opportunities, and improve efficiency. Many good CRMs also integrate with other applications and tools you use around the office, such as phones and e-mail. We love Zoho – which integrates really nicely with Google Apps.

A Printer Upgrade
Is your printer as efficient as it can be? Do you offer color printing? What about a wide-format printer? Inevitably, you’re going to need to print things out quickly, clearly, and sometimes in large format. Whether you’re printing out the latest packaging design for review or taking some logo proposals to pitch to a client, the day will inevitably come and the last thing you need is a last-minute trip to an unreliable printer. It’s something simple, but your employees will thank you for it.  For a list of the best business printers, check out this PC Mag article.

New Projectors
Trying to show everyone what’s on your computer screen can be a pain, but projectors and screens can change the game of holding business meetings. Being able to pull up that slideshow or report for all to see can really make a difference when it comes to collaboration and motivation. They’re useful in all rooms, whether it’s the small, two-person conference room or the community meeting space.

Cloud Applications
If you haven’t switched to the cloud yet, now is the time. Do you have cloud storage for all your employees to use? Is your e-mail and other data accessible through the cloud? Is everything integrated? Give your employees the gift of being able to work remotely, of feeling more secure, and of being able to access their files reliably, no matter what happens.

Better Headsets
For employees that talk on the phone frequently, talking on the phone all day can get uncomfortable. Making sure they have top-of-the-line headsets might seem like a small change, but the sound clarity and fewer headaches make a big difference in the grand scheme of things.

What tech gizmos are your employees unable to live without? What ways do you plan to upgrade your office this end-of-year?