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Marketing and Sales on a Shoestring Budget: How to Do It with your Phones

Who doesn’t want better results from marketing campaigns? If you don’t have the budget to hire an expensive advertising agency, you can still implement effective marketing strategies that will help you increase sales. If you have the right business phone system, you can increase the effectiveness of every advertising dollar spent.

Here are 5 ways the right business phone system can help improve your marketing and sales efforts.

1)      See Callers’ CRM Accounts the Moment They Call

Some office phone systems can integrate with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system (like Salesforce, ACT!, Tigerpaw, Time Matters, etc) so you have callers’ information at your fingertips the instant your phone rings. Integrated technology is very powerful. Just think about this scenario: if you get a pop-up window that shows you a caller’s CRM account, you can provide better, more personalized service. Some phone systems even give you tools so you can search in seconds for all interactions with a caller (emails, phone calls, meetings, and more) and pick up conversations where they left off without forgetting important details. Providing knowledgeable service sends a clear message to prospects and clients that your business understands their needs and is there to help them.

2)      Increase Advertising ROI

Take the guesswork out of advertising campaigns by knowing what messages are working and through what method (email campaign, TV ad, radio ad, print ad, etc.) By using different phone numbers per campaign, you can track the success of advertising dollars spent.  This gives you the ability to make adjustments to your advertising strategy based on real data. Put more money towards the campaigns and the delivery methods that are the most effective for your audience.

3)      Use Messages on Hold to Promote Offers

In this scenario, your phone system does the work for you! While callers are on hold, they can hear all about your current specials or promotions. Messages on hold are fast and easy to set up so you can change them however often you need to. This way you can sell to prospects and upsell to existing clients while they are waiting to speak with you or a member of your team. The messages can be tailored however you want, so you can have the message encourage callers to wait on the line until someone can pick up. Less people will hang up and call your competitors!

4)      Never Miss an Opportunity to Close a Sale

Virtual phone systems give you the ability to conduct business anytime, anywhere so you never miss an opportunity to connect with a prospect or client. Make and take business calls from your mobile phone using your office phone number so that you constantly project a professional image no matter where life takes you. Even get voicemail messages delivered to you in email or be notified via text message when you receive a voicemail on your office phone so you’re never out of touch.

5)      Predictable Costs Help You Budget for Advertising

If you can predict next month’s phone charges, then you know how much money to set aside and how much free cash flow you have for advertising or sales initiatives. Some business phone systems even give you detailed invoices that show you usage patterns so you can staff appropriately and cut your costs.

There are countless ways the right phone system can help your business improve marketing and sales efforts on a tight budget. What marketing tactics have worked best for your business?